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Leo Aristimuno Expert meditation class teacher in New JerseyLeo Aristimuno is a dynamic and inspiring spiritual teacher and life coach who makes meditation practical, simple, and fun.

As a seasoned educator with over fifteen years’ teaching experience, he brings together mindfulness techniques from modern and ancient traditions and explains them with a delightful sense of purpose, joyful playfulness, and loving kindness.

Leo’s meditation practice places everyday life at the center of spiritual growth.

He believes everyone can experience mindfulness, joy, and inner peace – not by retreating from life, but by directly engaging with it and befriending the challenges and surprises of everyday.

This approach helps his students expand –and sustain- their meditation skills across their own lives with truly transformative results. [See student testimonials.]

Leo has been deeply influenced by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. Since 2008, he has produced the #1 ranked podcast, Living With Tolle and has helped audiences world-wide experience presence, mindfulness, and inner peace in their lives.

Leo has studied zazen (Zen Buddhist meditation) under the guidance of Sensei Carl Bachmann since 2009. He also studies and practices Vipassana (Mindfulness) meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka and with contemporary teachers including Ramananda John Welshons and Sharon Salzburg.

Leo has been influenced by the teachings of Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hahn, and Pema Chodron. He has studied with the dynamic teachers of the Secular Budhist studies program at the Interdependence Project in NYC, including Shastri Ethan Nichtern and Ven. Lawrence D?’an Grecco.

He is a certified teacher of Transformation Meditation and holds three Masters Degrees in Cultural Studies, Performance Studies, and Media Arts.

Leo Aristimuno Meditation Teacher Living With Tolle New Jersey

Leo and his wife Rupal

Ultimately, Leo draws his most powerful lessons from his life experiences as a husband and a father.

Leo shares a very active family life with his wife Rupal. He is the proud father of three children who constantly provide him inspiration and invaluable lessons in mindfulness.

Leo is the founder, producer, and co-host of LivingWithTolle.com, a multi-media web site that helps people apply the teachings of Eckhart Tolle to their everyday life.

Leo Aristimuno and Greg Larsen Producers Living With Tolle Podcast on Eckhart Tolle's Teachings

Leo Aristimuno and Greg Larsen, Producers of Living With Tolle

The Living With Tolle podcast has tens of thousands of listeners worldwide and has been ranked #1 in the iTunes Self-Help category.

Leo is also the organizer and facilitator of two popular Meetup groups: “Living With Tolle: Powerful Presence Now” in Montclair, NJ, and the “New York City Eckhart Tolle group.” These groups have a total of over 1,500 members who meet regularly to meditate and to cultivate inner peace, presence, and joy in their daily lives.

Leo Receives Community Engagement Award at Rutgers-Newark

Leo received the 2011 Chancellor’s Award for Community Engagement, Rutgers University

Leo has been a university professor of media arts production for over twelve years. As a media maker and an educator, he has been recognized for his work empowering communities and for telling stories that uplift, educate, and celebrate the best in people.

Of his approach to teaching meditation, Leo says:

I embrace each meditation class with the humble philosophy of “beginner’s mind.” For me, each teaching is new. Each encounter is unique. Each sitting is infused with fresh opportunities to experience the present moment in a brand new way.

I invite you to join me in sharing this delightful, life-affirming journey of mindfulness, discovery, love, peace, and joy.

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