Lotus Flower and Sky

A Moment of Self-Reflection: How Can I Help You?

How can you create a life of peace, love, and happiness? The first step is to become more aware. As Eckhart Tolle puts it, “Once you see what you are doing or have been doing, you also see its futility, and that unconscious pattern then comes to an end by itself. Awareness is the greatest…

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Seedling Meditation Practice

Be(a)ware of the Benefits of Meditation Practice

Meditation can be a challenging practice to develop. After all, we all have busy schedules and daily habits that have shaped our daily lives for years. Scientific studies show there are many reasons to stick with it. A sustained meditation practice will: Increase your ability to focus and will improve your attention. Improve your working…

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Meditation Embraced by Educators and Health Professionals

Mindfulness meditation is being embraced across hospitals and schools across New Jersey and the country. As more people experience the benefits of meditation on their emotions, attention, memory, and their physical health, scientists are busy studying how meditation affects the human brain. Educators are also exploring how meditation helps students learn, focus, and improve behavior.

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The Dalai Lama

Why Meditate? The Dalai Lama Explains

The Dalai Lama explains how meditation and meditative breathing can help you avert irritation and calm your mind.

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Meditate and Change Your Genes!

Practicing the relaxation response can improve the condition and symptoms of just about any disease that is caused or worsened by stress, explains cardiologist and meditation-research pioneer Herbert Benson. The impact of meditation manifests itself at the genetic level. In fact, a recent study at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General…

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