Collage Inner Peace Meditations with Leo Aristimuno

Changing Perspectives: Mindfulness Practice for Everyday Inspiration

I spent last weekend in Washington, DC, with my kids and my childhood friend, Hernan, who was visiting from Argentina.

It was cold. Very cold.

By the time we got to the White House, after a 4 hour drive and a visit to the Mall, the kids were tired, hungry, and cold. They did not want to pose for any more pictures.

Mindful of everyone’s emotions (including the boredom of having taken hundreds of pictures all day!), I surrendered to the situation at hand:

The kids were tired and cold. And Uncle Hernan wanted a few pictures of us all in front of the White House.

I asked “How can I see this differently?”

This can be a drag, or it can be … fun.

What if we JUMP!

“Let’s see who jumps the highest,” I said. “I’ll take a picture of the highest jumper. Ready…one, two, three!”  (SNAP.)

Jumping in Washington DC

“Again! Again!”

Everyone laughed. Warmed themselves up. Got a much needed jolt of energy.

And we got one of the best pictures of the trip!

A change in perspective livened everyone up.

It inspired us. Filled us with spirit.


During the first snowstorm of the season last year, I was unable to drive my car to  downtown Montclair. So I walked.

Yes. It was cold.

But the slow pace of the walk allowed me to see the entire landscape in a completely different way.

I snapped this picture along the way:

snow on berries winter color meditation by leo aristimuno

A few weeks later, I was sitting with my daughter who was showing me her latest digital photo edits.

I saw this image:


I felt a powerful surge of pride and admiration at her ability to transform my image into an original work of art.

Then it dawned on me that my shift in perspective that cold winter morning was actually an essential element in her creative process.

My shift in perspective was directly related to her shift in perspective!

If I had stayed home and complained about the ice, these images and this precious sharing moment would not have happened.


Back to my friend Hernan, who had never seen so much snow in his life … until this week when his international flight back home was cancelled by the heavy snowstorm.

Shift in Perspective. Mindfulness Meditation practice with kidsAn inconvenience?


But also an opportunity to shovel snow for the first time. To admire the beautiful landscape.

And to build his nephew this snow-throne.

Another shift in perspective.



Quick Transformation Tip: When you find yourself in a rut, complaining, or just unhappy about a situation, ask yourself: How can I see this moment differently?


With meditation, we develop PERSPECTIVE, a powerful tool for happier, healthier, and more peaceful living.

With meditation practice, you can begin to see your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations as part of the present moment. But you also see that they are one small glimpse, a snapshot if you will, of the present moment. The NOW is infinitely more vast and complex than we can begin to imagine!

So you become open to alternative perspectives … and fresh, inspired possibilities.

You could even say that you come to enjoy the present moment through the eyes of a child.


With meditation practice, we also notice that the present moment is not permanent. It is fluid. Everything changes.

Think about it. Is there anything about your body that is not changing right now?

In this world that we know, the one thing that is permanent is impermanence itself.

With this new perspective, you learn how to disentangle from the stress of all that drags you. We  learn to see what lies beyond the limitations of our life circumstances. You begin to see beyond the frames, old story-lines, and habits that limit your experience of your life.

With meditation, we begin to embrace the broader, fluid, and peaceful vastness of LIFE itself.

With this new perspective, we learn to manage our emotions, heal emotional pain, and improve our relationships with others, with ourselves, and with the present moment.

We begin to make peace with what is.

Then, we can then take surprising, fresh, new action with a clear, lucid mind … and perhaps even with a joyful heart.