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FAQ: Thoughts at the Heart of Meditation (Video)

One of the most common questions students ask when learning meditation has to do with all those thoughts that buzz around our minds.

People often say they’ve tried to meditate, but failed because they could not stop thinking, or they could not block their thoughts. They often ask “How can I meditate if I can’t get my mind to stop thinking?”

In this video, Leo shares how he calms the mind, returns to the breath, and accepts the fullness of the present moment.

He shares that his mind is also full of thoughts, sensations, and emotions. But he does not try to push them away. In meditation we learn to accept them and simply observe as they arise, take shape, come across our awareness, and then pass away.

This is a great perspective to hold when dealing with distracting or obsessive thoughts, anxieties, or worries. This perspective frees us from the grip of thinking and allows us to experience the fullness of the Now more easily and more frequently.