Leo Aristimuno Mindfulness Meditation Class Teacher in New Jersey


Meditation Foundations: an Introductory Course

Free yourself from stress, anxiety, and recurring negative thoughts.

Find inner peace,
embrace the fullness of the present moment,
discover joy in your life!

Clear Mountain Zen Center 

22 Lackawanna Plaza | Montclair, NJ 07042

Next Course: Fall 2013

In this 5 week introductory course, Leo infuses classic meditation practices with real-life insights, and wisdom from contemporary teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ram Dass, Pema Chodron, and Thich Nhat Hahn.

Our nurturing and peaceful group setting allows students to experience a deep level of relaxation and awareness that is truly transformational.

See student testimonials.

Classes are held at the Clear Mountain Zen Center, a delightfully peaceful oasis in the heart of  Montclair’s trendy downtown district.

Students who register for all 5 sessions will receive an on-line meditation journal and audio recordings of our class meditations. These tools will further enhance the benefits of your new meditation practice at home and at work.

*New* Extra Meditation Practice Sessions

For this cycle, Leo is also offering additional meditation sessions for students to deepen their practice. (Thursdays 11:30 am -12:15 pm.)

These session are an extra opportunity to meditate during the week. In these more informal sitting sessions, Leo will guide students through meditation exercises learned in the class. He’ll also provide additional guidance to students who seek to experience a more profound transformation in their lives.

Note: You can take the course (and experience the effects of meditation) without registering for the extra practice sessions. These sessions are offered at the suggestion of previous students who sought additional opportunities to meditate during the week.


Zen stones Inner Peace Foundations Meditation Class with Leo Aristimuno

Quiet your mind,
open your heart,
and joyfully embrace
the essence of the present moment…
…even through the challenges of everyday life.

meditation blue skyIn each session, Leo creatively infuses mindfulness meditation techniques from modern and ancient traditions with a sense of practical purpose, joyful playfulness, and deep loving kindness

Each class is a unique transformational experience.

Class formally begins with a deep guided meditation where students experience both deep relaxation and alertness through yogic breathing techniques and guided mindfulness exercises.

The meditation is followed by a short talk by Leo on key concepts, traditions, techniques, and practical applications of meditation practice.

We create space for questions and sharing from students, allowing for conversations on the concrete results from their evolving practices.

Finally, we close each class with a second guided meditation nurturing each student’s mindfulness, presence, and inner peace.

Students leave class feeling relaxed, refreshed, and alert. Their meditation practice is nothing short of transformational. See student testimonials.

Each class is exclusively limited to 20 participants.

Aristimuno Breath Meditation Lotus Flower and Sky
The benefits of meditation are well researched and documented. In the Meditation Foundations Course, you will learn how to:

  • Reduce stress, negativity, and suffering.
  • Increase joy, inner peace, and well-being.
  • Calm your mind.
  • Learn to focus your mind.
  • Practice patience and calmness.
  • Free yourself from the grip of recurring thoughts, feelings, and narratives.
  • Practice with and learn from the painful challenges of everyday life.
  • Practice loving kindness towards yourself and self-acceptance.
  • Develop your own personal mindfulness practice.
  • Allow “the power of now” to bathe every aspect of your life with vibrant, life-affirming awareness, peace, and joy

Join us and experience the transformative effects of meditation.
See Testimonials from recent students.

5 class pack $ 100

  • 5 classes,
  • downloadable meditation journal,
  • access to audio recordings of meditations from class.

10 Class Pack: $150

  • 5 Tuesday Classes (Main Classes)
  • 5 Guided Practice Sessions (Thursdays 11:30-12:30)
  • downloadable meditation journal,
  • access to audio recordings of meditations from class.