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SUMMERTIME MEDITATION: Learn to Meditate & SOAR in the NOW!

Experience the the benefits of mindfulness meditation in your life.

Mindfulness meditation is a practical and scientifically proven way let go of the stress,
anxiety, harmful habits, and limiting beliefs.

With meditation, you will learn new ways to relax, focus, and enjoy life with more inner peace and joy. You will become kinder, calmer, more patient and understanding with yourself and those around you. You will gain new perspectives on your life as you discover the vastness of the NOW with a refreshing sense of wonder, curiosity, and clarity.

With a peaceful mind, you will enjoy a vibrant life as you begin to enjoy
benefits to your health.
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Our classes are friendly, casual, and very supportive.

You’ll leave each session feeling calm, refreshed, and energized.

You’ll finish the course ready to enjoy the benefits of meditation in your daily life.

With Leo’s expert guidance and engaging teaching style, you’ll experience simple and yet powerful breathing techniques, visualizations, and meditation strategies that are guaranteed to change your life.

Leo AristimunoAs a father of 3 delightfully challenging kids who has recently undergone a major career transition, Leo knows first hand the stress of our daily lives.

This is why he always keeps it real, practical, and relevant to our contemporary needs and circumstances.

Leo demystifies the techniques of meditation so we can all enjoy its many benefits without obscuring it with other-worldly mysticism.

In his unique meditation classes, Leo brings together the best mindfulness techniques from modern and ancient traditions with a sense of practical purpose, creativity, and playfulness.

He often shares his own family stories as inspiration and examples of how to apply mindfulness and meditation in our active lives.

Leo has created a trademarked 5-step formula called “SOAR in the NOW.” This scientific breakthrough framework helps students simplify the key techniques of meditation so they can begin to practice right away.

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As our inspiring classes continue to grow in popularity, we are now offering sessions in three wonderful, peaceful locations.

  • Clear Mountain Zen Center: 22 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair, NJ 07042
  • BeEvolution Yoga Studio: 18 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair, NJ 07042
  • The Karuna Shala Yoga Studio855 Bloomfield Ave #208, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

Space for all our classes is limited to 10 students to ensure optimal instruction and individual attention.