Kids and people connected loving-kindness

Living Loving-Kindness Game.

Let’s play a game!

Take one minute to count all the people that were involved in you being here right now.

Include anyone that had any role at all  in you being here right now. 

When the minute is over, write down the number of people you counted.


Ready? GO. 


How many people did you count?

All of these people are a part of this moment.

You are here now because of them, interconnected with each of them.

And they all want to be happy and peaceful.

Just like you do.


So I invite you to take a moment to say these kind words (in your mind) towards them :

“May you be happy and peaceful.”

“May we all be happy and peaceful.”


Did you do it? Did you feel any emotions and thoughts as you were doing it?


Now breathe deeply and, one more time say the kind words:

“May we all be happy and peaceful.” 


CONGRATULATIONS, you have just played METTA, the game of Loving-Kindness!

May YOU be happy and peaceful.

soaring dandelions

PS: Feel free to say this wonderful phrase towards anyone -any person or any living being – that comes across your awareness today. Just say these words silently, in your mind, and notice if anything changes. 

If you feel particularly generous, you can actually say them out loud!

Let me know happens in the comments section below!


Learn how to open your heart to the world, to the present moment, and to yourself. Experience the loving-kindness practice in my upcoming course: 

“GIVE LOVE, BE LOVE:  Living Loving Compassion”

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Kids and people connected loving-kindness

“This mural was created by the students of the IDEAL school of manhattan in New York City.  IDEAL stands for Individualized, Differentiated, Education for All Learners, and is an inclusion school based on the upper west side of Manhattan. The mural is approximately 4’h x 6’w.   Each of the students at the school created a unique figure which encircles or inhabits the earth signifying the diversity of the human race. 
Global Children’s Art Program: Fostering creativity and cultural exchange in young hearts and minds. 
(Neither GCAP nor IDEAL are affiliated with Inner Peace Teachings.)