Child Happy MIndful Parenting Meditations with Leo Arsitimuno

Meditation for Parents

Now: a time for you.

Breathe. De-stress. Find your inner peace.
And be present for your loved ones.



A unique 6-week class with Leo Aristimuno and John Welshons.

Tuesday Evenings 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Sept 24 – Oct 29th, 2013
Clear Mountain Zen Center
88 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair, NJ 07042

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This course has been created especially for parents who want to cultivate more peace, compassion, and presence in their lives –  so they can model the path to happiness in the lives of their children.

Each week you will learn and practice specific breathing, relaxation, and mindfulness techniques that will transform your relationship to the challenges of everyday life.

Meditation will help you manage stress, control your emotions, and face the challenges of parenting with a renewed feeling of energy, calm, and joy.

The class is open to beginners and experienced meditators. It offers a unique opportunity to experience the benefits of meditation in a supportive group setting with other parents facing the daily challenges of parenting.

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In this class, you will learn how to apply the benefits of a mindfulness meditation practice to your relationship with your children. The central focus is to help you develop the ability to meditate and bring presence, joy, and peace to your daily life, including your relationship with your family.

With meditation, you will have a powerful tool to help you:

  • Reduce stress, negativity, and suffering.
  • Increase joy, inner peace, and well-being.
  • Calm your mind. Tap into your own Inner Peace & Stillness
  • Cultivate mindfulness in all aspects of your life.
  • Practice Acceptance.
  • Shift perspectives in any situation.
  • Connect to your child with presence, empathy, and loving-kindness.
  • Honor your child as a unique and precious soul.

Class will be co-taught by Leo Aristimuno and Ramananda John Welshons – an exciting collaboration between two beloved and respected educators and spiritual teachers.

Indeed, this is a RARE opportunity to learn from John Welshons, one of our culture’s most respected meditation teachers and spiritual authors.

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Class formally begins with a deep guided meditation. Students experience deep relaxation and alert mindfulness through breathing techniques and guided visualizations.

The opening meditation is followed by a short instructional talk by Leo and John on key concepts, traditions, techniques, and practical applications of a mindfulness meditation – especially as they relate to parenting.

We then create space for questions and sharing from students, using our real-world experiences as a perfect opportunities for learning and spiritual growth.

Finally, we close each class with a second guided meditation nurturing each student’s mindfulness, presence, and inner peace.

Clear Mountain Zen Center

Classes are held at the Clear Mountain Zen Center,
a delightful meditation oasis in the heart of Montclair, NJ.

The CMZC is located at
22 Lackawanna Plaza,
Montclair, NJ 07042

The studio has a blue facade and is
located mid-block between Bloomfield Ave & Glenridge Ave.
Map is available on registration page

Clear Mountain Zen Center Exterior

Each class is exclusively limited to 20 participants.

Reservations are required.

To get the full benefit of a mindfulness meditation practice, we recommend registering for all 6 sessions.

Due to the limited space for this class, our on-line pre-registration is first open for those wishing to attend all sessions.

Space permitting, we will open registration to individual sessions on September 10th.

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Do I have to meditate a long time each day to benefit?
You do not have to meditate for long periods of time in order to experience the benefits of meditation. In this class, you will learn how to incorporate brief meditations throughout your day.

Do I have to sit still a long time? What if my legs hurt?
You do not have to still still for long periods of time. In our class, you are free to move around and change positions as needed.

Do I have to be a good parent?
Yes. Well, you have to be conscious enough to realize that you want to enhance your parenting skills with this tried and true practice!

You do not have to be a perfectly calm parent before or after you take the class. Meditation does not make you a monk. Even meditators lose their tempers and make mistakes. We’re just more aware of our responses to challenging situations, making it easier to control our reactions and even apologize when our actions cause pain.

Is meditation religious? Do I have to become a Buddhist?
You do not have to change your spiritual beliefs. Mindfulness meditation, though rooted in the teachings of The Buddha over 2500 years ago, is not a religious or sectarian practice. It is simply a strategy for focusing, calming, and observing the mind. In doing so, you become more aware of the triggers and the habits that tend to drive your actions. With practice, this awareness allows you to take action from a more mindful and conscious place. Often, this practice actually enhances your ability to take ethical, even spiritually inspired actions based on your existing beliefs.

Do I need to be able to stop all thinking? (I can’t stop thinking)
You do not need to stop all thoughts. On the contrary, a key part of our meditation practice involves observing our thoughts, as well as sensations and emotions that arise, come across our awareness, and then pass away. We learn to observe these without identifying or entangling ourselves with them and without reacting to them. We simply observe.

Is meditation hard?
Meditation is not hard. It is, however, a practice that needs to be cultivated with a degree of intention and commitment.

This question is a bit like asking whether doing sit-ups is hard. A sit-up, per se, is not hard. But with more practice you get varying results and transformations, right?

Meditation is a very simple practice that begins with the simple act of watching your breath.

In our classes, students are usually guided through a meditation experience so they can easily learn key steps on the path to mindfulness, awareness, and presence.

In fact, many students share that meditating in a group setting makes the practice easier, like working out with a friend.

Each session we create a supportive environment and a meditative experience that helps students continue their practice at home and in their daily lives.

Meditation Class with Leo Aristimuno

Leo Aristimuno

Leo creatively infuses mindfulness meditation techniques from modern and ancient traditions with a sense of practical purpose, joyful playfulness, and  loving kindness. His meditation practice places everyday life at the center of spiritual growth.

Spiritual Teacher Leo Aristimuno and Reverend Elizabeth Mora at Unity of  Montclair

Leo with Rev. Elizabeth Mora at Unity of Montclair, where was the invited speaker at the 2012 Lenten Sermon Series on Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth

For many years, Leo has studied and taught on the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle. Leo is the founder, producer, and co-host of, a multi-media web site that helps people apply the teachings of Eckhart Tolle to their everyday life. The “Living With Tolle” podcast has tens of thousands of listeners worldwide and has been ranked #1 in the iTunes Self-Help category.

Leo organizes and facilitates two popular Meetup groups: “Living With Tolle: Powerful Presence Now” in Montclair, NJ, and the “New York City Eckhart Tolle group. Wih over 1,400 members, these groups meet regularly to meditate and cultivate inner peace, presence, and joy in daily life.

Leo is a dedicated student of meditation. He practices Zazen under the guidance of Sensei Carl Bachmann. He has studied Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N.Goenka. He has also studied with John Welshons, Sharon Salzberg, and the dynamic teachers of secular Buddhism at the Interdependence Project in NYC. Leo also counts Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hahn,  and Pema Chodron, as his guides. He is a certified teacher of Transformation Meditation and holds three Masters Degrees in Cultural Studies, Performance Studies, and Media Arts.

Leo and his family

Leo and his family

Ultimately,  Leo draws his most powerful lessons from his life experiences as a husband and a father. He shares a very active family life with his wife Rupal. He is the proud father of three children who constantly provide him inspiration and invaluable lessons in mindfulness.

Leo has been a university professor of media arts production for over twelve years. As a media maker and an educator, he has been recognized for his innovative work empowering communities and for telling stories that uplift, educate, and celebrate the best in people.

Leo Receives Community Engagement Award at Rutgers-Newark

Leo received the 2011 Chancellor’s Award for Community Engagement, Rutgers University

Ramananda John Welshons

Ramananda John Welshons

RAMANANDA JOHN E. WELSHONS is a beloved meditation teacher, gifted counselor and inspiring lecturer who has been practicing Vipassana Meditation and various forms of Yoga for more than forty years.

He is one of our culture’s most honored and respected authorities on how to use life’s challenges as fuel for our spiritual journey.

He has also traveled and studied extensively in India. He is a gifted counselor and teacher who has worked closely with Ram Dass and Stephen Levine and trained with Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.

Ramananda John Welshons with Ram Dass and Maharaji

Ramananda John Welshons with Ram Dass.

In addition to his latest book, One Soul, One Love, One Heart: The Sacred Path to Healing All Relationships, he is also the author of Awakening from Grief: Finding the Way Back to Joy and When Prayers Aren’t Answered, two books that emerged from nearly forty years of experience helping people deal with dramatic life change and loss.

John has studied world religions throughout his life, and holds a B.A. in Comparative Religions from the University of South Florida, and an M.A. in History of Religions from Florida State University.

His workshops and lectures are offered in personal growth centers, yoga schools, churches, hospitals, hospices, corporations, colleges, and universities. He is also available for one-on-one consultations. He currently resides in northern New Jersey.

“John Welshons is incredible. He is a wonderful teacher. When I read his book, One Soul, One Love, One Heart, it feels like it is coming out of my own heart.”

“I have long admired and loved John’s work. He is a man who walks his talk and lives his passion. I am honored to be able to assist him in that work.”

“John’s work is lovely, wise, and intelligent. He shifts the focus from spirituality as a solitary journey to a vision of all relationships as portals for the evolution of our souls, thus making the spiritual path available to everyone everyday.

“John is one of the major movers in the forces of Light. There is no one we would trust more than John. We just LOVE him!”