You know how sometimes you go to a doctor to get better?

I help people get better and stay better.

Individualized coaching is great for busy individuals who wants to break free from the loops and hoops of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that have kept them unhappy.


Leo’s unique “Mindfulness Plus” life coaching programs will help you discover ways to replenish, feel better, and live peacefully … even through the challenges of everyday life.

As you become more peaceful and let go of stress, change begins to unfold across all areas of your life. You begin to navigate daily challenges with calm, resilience, and kindness. You become more patient and friendly. Relationships become richer as you are able to show up with presence and openness. And your health improves, so you have more energy to enjoy life.

From this mindset of peaceful well-being, you’ll have more clarity on what’s important to you, so you can then identify goals and take specific steps towards them with confidence and enthusiasm.



Leo’s clients are primarily parents, teachers, and business owners.

These are all people who want to be their best so they can nurture, lead, and inspire those around them.

Many clients use words like inner peace, rest, patience, creativity, energy, connectedness, intimacy, love, laughter, purpose and passion to describe their results from coaching with Leo.

Indeed, these are all key components of what we call happiness.

And groundbreaking scientific research from the last 30 years shows us that happiness is a skill that can be learned and strengthened like a muscle.

So having a life coach is like having a personal trainer for your peace and happiness.


Leo’s personalized coaching is the perfect balance of guidance, encouragement, inspiration, and sustained support to help you be better, feel better, and stay better.


Ready to feel better?

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