woman meditating after meditation class in Montclair NJ

Learn to Meditate and Experience The Power of Now

Meditation is powerful way to directly experience the essence of Eckhart Tolle’s teachings.

You probably joined our Living With Tolle Meetup because Eckhart’s teachings have inspired you, right? They reveal a beautiful way of seeing and experiencing life.

Leo Aristimuno Inner Peace Ocean FlowerLike me, and like most of our group’s members, you want to experience the peace and presence of his teachings in your daily life.

Perhaps you reached a critical point of too much less stress, anxiety, and negativity in your life. Then, somehow, you discovered Eckhart.

In his teachings, you saw timeless wisdom and clear practices for cultivating a more balanced and vibrant life.

Then, after closing the book, you looked up and BAM!

Somehow, the challenges of daily life continue to shout right at you.

Someone cuts you off in traffic, delays eat up your day, your boss disrespects you, the bills come in and the money goes out too quickly, the kids whine, dinner burns, an unexpected illness strikes, the house floods, you lose it all.

Or, maybe none of this happens. Maybe you have it all, achieve it all, yet, still, you worry, get depressed, anxious even angry and sad when that one little thing does not go your way.

“Problematic life-situations,” as Eckhart calls them, continue to arise. And they can entangle and consume you.

What happened to all that great wisdom and inspiration you’d found in Eckhart’s books or even in the scores of other self-help books you might have read?

What happened was that Eckhart’s books were simply consumed by the mind. They became one more “thing” added to the collection of things that defined your story. And there is a big difference between consuming and practicing.

I know this because it’s happened to me! For a long time, I was reading and logically understanding Eckhart’s teachings. They made perfect sense. But in many ways, I was still uneasy and unhappy. I felt as if I was always “falling off the wagon.”

It was not until I started to practice meditation that I was able to sustain a deeper level of peace. I was able to cultivate an awareness of my emotions and my reactions to the world. I was able to be present to things, people, and situations in a completely different way.

Kid Meditating on Beach

With meditation, I began to experience the big picture.

I began to put things in perspective. I began to witness the arising of thoughts, sensations, emotions without becoming entangled by them. I came to experience myself as more than any one of these things. I began to notice the peaceful ocean beneath the waves. The vast blue sky around the clouds. A space, a stillness, and a constant flow around and within.

With my meditation practice, I began to experience a deep peace – even as I navigated through life’s situations. When I did become distracted or overcome by one emotion or thought, I was able to bring myself back to a centered presence more quickly, and I could do this gentleness and kindness towards myself and those around me. With this practice,  I was able to choose my daily actions from this mindfulness, awareness, and compassion.

I’m going to make a bold statement.

You do not need to consume one more book, CD, or video to show you the way to lasting peace and happiness.

If you want to experience the now, you just need to practice being in the now. If you want to be experience the now peacefully, you don’t need to read about how to experience the now, you just need to practice being in the now peacefully.

All of these books are pointers.

Mother Child Sitting By Water

The boy in the picture is above just pointing at the water.

The books, CDs, and videos, indeed, the teachings themselves, all point to the water and describe swimming.

If you want to experience water, don’t just look at the picture. Don’t just point to the water. Be in the water. Be the water.

If you want to swim, you have to experience swimming. And if you want to swim with ease, you have to practice so that you can jump in and swim more easily.

If you would like to experience presence, inner peace, the dynamic vastness of life, a lasting joy, then practice being present, peaceful, in the flow of life, and joyful.

Now. Now. And Now…

Present to the moment exactly as it is.


In The Power of Now, Eckhart invites us to discover the LIFE underneath our life situation.

How? By practicing Presence.

“Use your senses fully. Be where you are. Look around. Just look, don’t interpret. See the light, shapes, colors, textures. Be aware of the silent presence of each thing. Be aware of the space that allows everything to be. Listen to the sounds; don’t judge them. Listen to the silence underneath the sounds. Touch something – anything – and feel and acknowledge its Being.

Observe the rhythm of your breathing; feel the air flowing in and out, feel the life energy inside your body. Allow everything to be, within and without. Allow the “isness” of all things. Move deeply into the Now.”

This is precisely what we do in our meditation sessions. We practice presence.

Our classes (“SOAR into the NOW” and “Give Love, Be Love”) provide the space and the support to help you practice. And this is the value of any meditation class or any space where you can practice with the support of a community or a guide.

I, as your guide, point you in the right direction. Ultimately, the experience is yours to enjoy. The practice becomes your journey, your adventure, your discovery.

Our sessions help you cultivate the skills, the ability, the ease that you can call upon any time you choose to do so. The practice will help you get ready for “game time,” those moments when life situations will challenge you to the core!

With practice,  you will soon find that you can begin to hold even these challenges with a new gentleness, kindness, acceptance, and grace.

As one of my students, Doug, put it: “I can face scenarios with more lightness.”

With practice, you will soon find that you can live in this world with presence, joy, and peace. You can live within the power of NOW.

So whether it’s with me or with any wonderful meditation guide in your local area, I invite you to practice. Experience the teachings in a new, powerful, and direct way.

And what about all those books, CDs, and videos?

Oh, the joy they will bring forth!

They will speak to you on a completely different level.

Kids at the Lake

You will notice that they do, indeed, point to the waters of life. You will marvel at the poetic ways these masters evoke the salty flavors, the arising of waves, the thrill of swimming, the peace beneath the surface, the vastness of the ocean, the ocean in you.

You will admire the way the masters play with words to describe deep truths.

And you will recognize these truths.

Why? Because you will have experienced them yourself.


I am honored to be a part of your practice and a part of your journey.