“Leo is an excellent life coach … And I know about great coaches!”

John Salley Retired Professional Basketball Player. 4x NBA Champion (Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls, & L.A. Lakers). Actor, Talk-Show Host, Wellness Advocate

“My dear friend, Leo Aristimuno, teaches meditation from a deep well of genuine experience gained over the course of many years of practice.”

He is a profoundly knowledgable, sincere, and humble teacher who shares much more than mere meditation techniques . . . His very life is a statement of the Path and his teaching is steady and seasoned. He knows the ins and outs of suffering intimately. He also knows the path to freedom . . . and how to find it.”

Ramananda John Welshons Author of AWAKENING FROM GRIEF and ONE SOUL, ONE LOVE, ONE HEART

“Oh, Leo, all I can say is THANK YOU!”

I have gotten such wonderful feedback from everyone on the board and everyone at the who attended our mindfulness workshop.

I thought about you last night as I was struggling with some difficult feelings…….then I remembered the difference in the “2 sounds” you spoke of in our session and I just let the painful feelings wash over me. After about 30 minutes of being in the “now” I got through it.

I admire the work you are doing. You are a wonderful human being and I look forward to being with you in the future.

Randi Jeddis, MSW, LCSW, LLC Founding Member WINGS Cancer Support Group

A lovely Thank You card from the "Peaceful Troop." Delightful students...and great, wise teachers, too!


“I was overwhelmed prior to taking this class. I feel so much better now. Freer.” ~ Victoria C.

“I highly recommend Leo’s meditation classes. I have learned how to breathe more deeply, relax, and focus on what is truly important in life. My relationships at home and work are more positive and easier to manage and my decision-making skills have improved tremendously. Even more importantly, the way I see nature and my life’s purpose has blossomed! Instead of always reacting to situations that arise, Leo provides the tools needed to respond in a calmer and more thoughtful manner. With his gentle, warm, and mindful approach, I am learning how to be more conscious, aware, and purposeful in everything I do. I always look forward to participating in every class. Thank you Leo!” ~Susan C.

“I am very grateful to have been in Leo’s class. It’s an honor and a privilege to have him as a teacher.

He taught me to be patient with myself and others.  This class has transformed me into a better ME. The awareness of the breath and the stillness has taught me in the midst of the chaos you can still have your peace, balancing all aspects of life and seeing the bigger picture in a situation so we can learn the lessons in all.

All the epiphanies week after week have been so amazing and now I have the tools to continue on my journey.”

~ Jazmine S.

“I have learned to stay in the moment…I have used the breath to keep me in the now and most profoundly to control moments of slight anxiety.”

~ Robin W.

“I reset occasionally to face scenarios with more lightness. I can put things in context, accept more, with more tolerance.”

~ Doug G.

“I work in a high stressed environment and have benefited tremendously from Leo’s meditation techniques. I thought I could never meditate, however his techniques have brought me to appreciate and actually look forward to meditating. My blood pressure and stress level have significantly improved. I highly recommend Leo’s meditation classes.”

~ Tina M.

“I have been calmer in general. My spiritual well-being is greater. I can control my feelings more easily in a variety of settings. I can fall into a state of meditation much more easily.”

Laura F.

“Leo’s meditation classes have been an anchor for me, to stay present and feel peace within. I know that I have benefited from his spiritual leadership and will continue to grow on my spiritual journey.”

~ Teri A.

“Leo’s meditations are just what the doctor ordered…..literally.  Because of my stress load, two doctors have told me I NEED to meditate.   When I meditate with Leo, I relax fully, and I feel better afterwards, for which I’m very grateful.  Thank you, Leo!”

~ Martha Y.

Leo introduced me to meditation in a very smooth and solid way. Yes, I knew the benefits of it and places to go, but I was always intimidated by it. I feel very comfortable and confident with Leo’s meditation sessions, I’m sure it means the same for lots of other participants. And it works! Thank you.

~ Guillermo A.

“The hour of SOAR-ing has felt healing — the availability of peace in a few breaths…I’ve deepened my home practice, elongating it, not skipping it as much…the acronym is a wonderful way to remember…”

~ Bill N.

“Lightened my load.”

~ Beth H.


“Better acceptance of ups and downs of daily life…understanding of stress.”

~ Andy G.

“I take everyday with a lightness that I didn’t feel before…I feel as though my mind is open and one with everything.”

~ Jenay C.

“I feel that I’m able to deal with stressful situations with a bit more lightness. Greater awareness. More patience.”

~ Joe C.

The use of meditation has helped me step back and look at situations – observing without reacting. It has helped me deal with everyday stress in amore positive and productive way.

Leo is a fantastic instructor.”

~ Janell C.

To fully describe what is so special about Leo and the meditation series that he leads is much like trying to describe the indescribable. His ability to create warmth and acceptance within a space for people of various backgrounds to gather is remarkable.

Leo, himself, embodies an unconditionally kind and gentle spirit that emanates beyond him to fill the space that he occupies.

Although meditation effectively alleviates stress and promotes inner peace, Leo is the catalyst to that endpoint within our gatherings.

As a well respected university professor, he is committed to higher levels of understanding. He is soft spoken, loving, intelligent and often very funny. Just sharing a laugh with him is time well spent.

He is a terrific storyteller and an excellent communicator with a truly gifted ability to guide others in meditation. He is fully present whenever we gather and somehow time magically stops as we sit together in meditation. It is a genuinely wonderful experience.

To know Leo, is to love him, and what he does is simply amazing.”

~Helene D.

“Leo’s gentle, warm, inspiring presence invites me to explore my spirituality through serene meditative practice and I am very happy to have him as my meditation guide.”

~ Lia F.

“It was incredible. I thank Leo as well as everyone there for creating an atmosphere filled with warmth and acceptance. The teaching of Tolle of course was magnificent. But I really appreciated the wonderful way Leo has about him and the space he created for all.”


“I really like Leo’s meditation class. I walk in drained from the week, and I always walk out feeling better. Plus, I usually sleep well those nights!

~ Melinda D.