"Your Pathway to Inner Peace"
Discovery Session

You know how sometimes you go to a doctor to get better?

I help people get better and stay better.

Individualized coaching is great for busy individuals who wants to break free from the loops and hoops of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that have kept them unhappy.

Our unique “Mindfulness Plus” Life Coaching Programs will help you discover ways to replenish, feel better, and live peacefully … even through the challenges of everyday life.

The complimentary 30-minute "Pathway to Peace" Discovery Session is a great way to experience how coaching can help you feel better and discover that you too can have a peaceful, joyful, and dynamic life.

Here is what you'll get from your session

  • Uncover

    what’s been keeping you from the peaceful and joyful life you want.

  • Develop

    a powerful vision for what peace of mind and joy really means for your and your life.

  • Identify

    the lifestyle habits that are stopping you from cultivating inner peace and joy.

  • Get Clarity

    on a step by step plan to cultivate inner peace and lasting happiness with a coach who will encourage and support you each step of the way.

Our discovery session can be scheduled in person
in our Montclair, NJ, locations
or via skype, or phone everywhere else.

Call (908) 291-8112
to schedule your session
and discover your
"Pathway to Inner Peace"